Credit despite high debt

Some people are heavily in debt. The situation is not always justified by the fact that these people have taken over themselves. Often they have lost their jobs and were suddenly unable to pay back a loan. Costs still arise and so it can happen that you need a loan despite already high debts.

The occasion is crucial

A bank will be reluctant to grant high-debt credit. She has to expect that this can be paid back with a low probability without any problems. Nevertheless, it can happen that you have to pay a high bill as a family or in the house a repair that must be paid absolutely. Those who can not do this out of pocket often have no choice and have to apply for a loan despite high debts.

Of course, the bank will be interested in why this loan is needed. One has the best chances, if one applies for a small loan, which really only serves for short-term covering of the costs or so that one comes as a family briefly over the rounds. A bank will not approve a large loan despite already high debts.

Good chances with good conditions

Good chances with good conditions

Those who have high debts do not always have to live at subsistence level or draw attention to themselves through non-existent rates. Highly indebted you can be even if you actually have a high income and many collateral. Some people have opted for an expensive property and accept that they have to pay for it for a long time. Nevertheless, they have good conditions for another loan.

As long as it is realistically understandable for the bank that the debtor’s situation allows for another loan, there is in principle no reason for a refusal. For this purpose, appropriate conditions and collateral must be available. But in principle: An already high level of indebtedness alone is still no reason for rejecting another loan application.